Review: Niftyx Lifesaving Bracelet

So I finally got the item after waiting for 2 weeks. Thought it got lost in transit. Phew!

Introducing the Niftyx Lifesaving Bracelet (NLB), it a iPhone lightning cable with a tiny power bank designed to “save” your life when you are outside and your phone died on you. 


Based on their report, the power bank could charge your dead phone from 0-10%. Giving you the opportunity to send messages or that emergency call you need. 

The box looks quite funky yet soft. Had to spend a couple of minutes figuring out how to open it.  Upon opening, nothing fancy just the NLB and a small manual. 


Tried charging my iPhone, gotten a good 7%. Perhaps it requires a full charge. Gonna try it again when my iPhone died completely. 


Seems like a good fit for my wrist. 

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