Something I been trying to start

Timecheck: 2300hrs.

Kids fast asleep since early evening. Probably because I woke them up super early since the sisters have started school this week. I think it is a good idea to keep the momentum going despite the weekends.

Anyway this is a random post. I am trying to kick-start this blog since 2 years ago. I hesitated, procrastinated and what not. My intention is to create a technical blog to pen my thoughts and actions. Just to document my IT journey so I can look back years down the road. Or my kids can read this when they are older.

I decided to create a separate website for my technical blog but I will use this site to update mostly random things in my life.

So this is my first post for 2018 hopefully not the last. Currently in the midst of tidying the two sites, juggling self study for my firewall certifications, re-installing Python for my Machine Learning (which I decided to pickup late last year). Going reservist in two weeks, will be bringing study materials to study as much as possible.

Life long learning in progress!

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